Malaysia & Us – Malaysian “Culture” We Have Imbibed

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Yes, it is the 31st of August and Malaysia is celebrating her 59th Independence Day. As you all know, we are a family of Indian expats living in Malaysia (both East and West) for the past 7+ years, almost 8 actually. Malaysia has become a second home for us, every street and … Continue reading “Malaysia & Us – Malaysian “Culture” We Have Imbibed”

Kadhirgama festival at Shri Kandaswamy Temple, Kuala Lumpur

This post is from last year, republished it. The festival is going on now, people interested do stop by this temple. We visit this temple very often, probably once every week – this Shri Kandaswamy temple which is located on Jalan Scott, Kuala Lumpur (Brickfields) is run by Malaysian Tamils of Sri Lankan origin. I … Continue reading “Kadhirgama festival at Shri Kandaswamy Temple, Kuala Lumpur”