A Family Trip To Hong Kong China!

My previous post about Hong Kong China has everything that need to know about the city such as public transport, the airport etc. In this post, you can read about what we saw and what we did – activities in the city, that can be done over a couple of days. You can read about … Continue reading “A Family Trip To Hong Kong China!”

Lessons From My Hong Kong Trip

The past 7 + years of traveling around South Asia has been almost problem-free for me and my family. But with time, you need to realise that certain important documents also start to near their “expiry date” – for example your passport.   Well, there were atleast 2 very important learnings for me with my … Continue reading “Lessons From My Hong Kong Trip”

Hong Kong – What You Need To Know

Visa-free travel So, when you unexpectedly get the chance to visit the dazzling “twin” of Singapore aka Hong Kong, would you turn down the opportunity? No!! And that was what we did. So a quick plan and we booked the tickets on Cathay Pacific for April 22nd. We chose HK because Indians (if not other … Continue reading “Hong Kong – What You Need To Know”

Hong Kong – Ocean Park Theme Park – Do’s & Dont’s

Ocean Park – What You Need To Know! Click To Tweet I cant remember when I last went on a picnic to a theme park, well, this one must have been at least one decade later, if not more. It is mainly the walking that I hate about theme parks, go round and round the … Continue reading “Hong Kong – Ocean Park Theme Park – Do’s & Dont’s”