Weekend fun at Taman Metropolitan Kepong

Weekends are an excuse to drive down to the park, be it nearby like the Lake Gardens or slightly further away from home like Taman Metropolitan Kepong. This park is also known as Kepong Metropolitan park or Kite Garden as we prefer to address it as 😀 So this park, located around 15-20 km away … Continue reading “Weekend fun at Taman Metropolitan Kepong”

An evening at Taman Tasik PutraJaya

PutraJaya, the political capital of Malaysia, is not only all serious but there can be a fun tourist spot as well.  A very well-planned city, around 30 km from where we stay. While the politicians work hard on the weekdays, it is all fun in the sun during weekends. Many an Indian movie has been … Continue reading “An evening at Taman Tasik PutraJaya”

Spirituality in a vibrant city like Kuala Lumpur

Being an Indian expat in Malaysia is a blessing in disguise.  Most Indians are a religious lot; we love our temples, our festivals and rituals. We feel lost if we can’t find a temple in the vicinity. And Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur in fact has been that blessing for the Indian expats practicing Hinduism. There are … Continue reading “Spirituality in a vibrant city like Kuala Lumpur”

Kadhirgama festival at Shri Kandaswamy Temple, Kuala Lumpur

This post is from last year, republished it. The festival is going on now, people interested do stop by this temple. We visit this temple very often, probably once every week – this Shri Kandaswamy temple which is located on Jalan Scott, Kuala Lumpur (Brickfields) is run by Malaysian Tamils of Sri Lankan origin. I … Continue reading “Kadhirgama festival at Shri Kandaswamy Temple, Kuala Lumpur”

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Travel Guide – Activities That Might Interest You

This is one post that I have been requested for, I don’t know how many times, I lost count. So finally I have decided to put it in writing to help people who are visiting Malaysia. If you have all the time, you can spend it in Malaysia. But if you are the typical tourist with … Continue reading “Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Travel Guide – Activities That Might Interest You”

Royal FLORIA at Anjung Floria, PutraJaya

The Annual Royal Flower Show is currently underway in PutraJaya at Anjung Floria, Precint 4. This show started on May 27th 2016 and will go on until June 4th 2016. After seeing all the adverts and the website, I presumed this will be a very top-class event. I hoped I could get to see a … Continue reading “Royal FLORIA at Anjung Floria, PutraJaya”

Langkawi – Planning an Itinerary

This was our second trip to Pulau Langkawi or Langkawi Island, the pearl in the state of Kedah. We had been there in Sept 2013, I presume that was the peak season and Feb comes under the off-peak season. I will be comparing both the visits so readers will find it helpful when it comes to planning … Continue reading “Langkawi – Planning an Itinerary”