MyPhotographyCompetition – Nurture your talent

A new photography competition website is hitting the Internet and it promises to become the best place online to share your creative ideas and work. is a brand new website that aims to help nurture the talents of anyone who wants to get involved. How? Because photographers of every skill level run it. The creators have purposely built … Continue reading “MyPhotographyCompetition – Nurture your talent”

Malaysia & Us – Malaysian “Culture” We Have Imbibed

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Yes, it is the 31st of August and Malaysia is celebrating her 59th Independence Day. As you all know, we are a family of Indian expats living in Malaysia (both East and West) for the past 7+ years, almost 8 actually. Malaysia has become a second home for us, every street and … Continue reading “Malaysia & Us – Malaysian “Culture” We Have Imbibed”

Being Vegetarian/Vegan – A Challenge For The Traveller?

Being vegetarian or vegan was once frowned upon, as a lifestyle choice. By far, the maximum number of vegetarians come from India and it was a huge challenge for us Indians to travel any place outside the country. Travel was the last thing, many people left their lucrative jobs abroad just because they could not … Continue reading “Being Vegetarian/Vegan – A Challenge For The Traveller?”

Spirituality in a vibrant city like Kuala Lumpur

Being an Indian expat in Malaysia is a blessing in disguise.  Most Indians are a religious lot; we love our temples, our festivals and rituals. We feel lost if we can’t find a temple in the vicinity. And Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur in fact has been that blessing for the Indian expats practicing Hinduism. There are … Continue reading “Spirituality in a vibrant city like Kuala Lumpur”

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Travel Guide – Activities That Might Interest You

This is one post that I have been requested for, I don’t know how many times, I lost count. So finally I have decided to put it in writing to help people who are visiting Malaysia. If you have all the time, you can spend it in Malaysia. But if you are the typical tourist with … Continue reading “Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Travel Guide – Activities That Might Interest You”